Weekend Reads


What are you reading this weekend?

Be it an article, a gripping book, or viral posts from people I don’t know…I’m into all of it. Here’s what’s on my radar this weekend, and some interesting things I’ve read this past month…

Still Me by Jojo Moyes has been dominating my nightly read sessions. For fans of Me Before You and After You, or any of Moyes’ works, you will love the third installment of Louisa Clark’s story.

I also started The Mother of All Questions, and Maddie Lounging on Things because, you know, balance.

National Geographic is devoting its April 2018 issue to race. More specifically, they are owning up to the fact that, “For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It.” This is huge. I’m still putting together my thoughts on this because, like most people, National Geographic is a magazine I grew up reading. Looking back, their coverage has definitely had an angle to it which is in retrospect quite racist. This bums me out, but through a present-day lens, a lot of what we once thought was good and exemplary is no longer.

I loved reading about who inspires beauty influencers, on Refinery 29.

A new personality test. I’m not the only one who is super-intrigued by these, right? Let’s all find out what our Enneagram Types are!

Books about the crisis of women’s health. Educate yourselves!

Eat your farewell note. I saved this article while I was reading at work this past week and I have no. Idea. Why.

Go Teens! We are all backing you 100%.


Have a Great Weekend!




*top photo via Pinterest and does not belong to me; bottom photo of Maddie the coonhound  by Theron Humphrey

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Still Me, I’m thinking about reading it too (but I should probably begin with the first two books in the series, hm). This week, however, I’m completely lost in Bohemians of the Latin Quarter – it’s absolutely wonderful 📚Happy weekend!

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