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The Birthday Post


It’s that time again! Today is a special day, if I do say so myself, because I’m now the big 2-5. I don’t have some big inspirational list of twenty-five things I’ve learned in 25 years, or a letter to my younger self, or anything like that. What I have to share are photos from a a really, really nice time celebrating (a day early) with my family.

We ate at the cutest restaurant outside with a view of the park and the fountain…



A perfect view! A little breezy and chilly, typical March weather!


With my favorite food, natch…


Followed by cake and fun presents (more on those later)!


Of course a certain someone got it mixed up and thought it was HIS birthday…


No such luck, kid.

Later, we went down to the mall to pick up my present from Nordstrom’s.


I was stalking this Kendra Scott necklace online for weeks, and I was so glad they had it in the color I wanted.


And it’s very close to my birthstone (aquamarine).


Ignore the cheesy Snapchat filter, hah.

Every year we get Sprinkles cupcakes on my birthday (and various other important occasions) and this year was no different! We managed to get the 2 and 5 candles squeezed onto one delicious vanilla cupcake…


…before I remembered that we don’t have a fire extinguisher and COULD YOU IMAGINE if the tablecloth caught on fire on camera?!


They miraculously didn’t fall, so in typical Pisces fashion, the premature worrying was all for nothing đŸ™‚



…for the most special birthday ever!


P.S. don’t forget the best party trick ever!

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