The Perfect Weekend


For this post, I’m going to be talking about two of my favorite things: Pinterest, and the weekend. Not The Weeknd, but the actual weekend, specifically three-day weekends which are a blessing not in disguise.

I scroll through Pinterest daily, sometimes mindlessly, searching for snippets of inspiration in whatever I can find. Each of my boards has been cultivated meticulously over the years and I love every single image I have saved.

With themes like home, books, food, and clothing, I realized that I have a perfectly designed little world right within those boards. Everything you’d need to create, say, the perfect weekend 😉 Allow me to share some examples, with the help of just a few of my favorite Pinterest pics…

The perfect weekend starts in the preparation. You’ve got the dress the part. I’m talking a little bit of hygge with a little bit of style:





It involves coffee…


and foods both savory and healthy.



Where does The Perfect Weekend take place? I’m so glad you asked! Pull up a cozy chair, park it in your living room…



…or on the patio…


and voila! I give you: the perfect weekend. At least, the perfect weekend for me. There is nothing, nothing, that I love more than being home.


What About You?

What does your perfect weekend look like? Whatever you do this long weekend, I hope you have a lovely time 🙂

P.S. Past Pinterest obsessions: bathrooms and castles.

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