Relaxation Tip: Watch Figure Skating


Have you been watching any of the Olympics? The night of the opening ceremonies I had to work late *sigh* and I assumed that this would be the year of me only watching the games via highlights online due to my work schedule. But lo and behold, I was home all day yesterday and last night, and I had the absolute pleasure of watching the part of the Winter Olympics that I love most: figure skating.

But let me back up a little bit.

Yesterday was not a great day for us. We lost a close friend recently, and yesterday was a day of goodbyes, if you know what I mean. It was hard to get through. In the morning, I tried to sit down and start making my Valentines for work and I couldn’t. In the afternoon, I tried to nap and I couldn’t. We were restless and sad and feeling a little lost. Nothing could “fix” this “problem”, and we certainly didn’t want to forget about it, but we did want to feel better.

By the end of the day I was looking forward to getting into bed as early as possible. I sat down on the couch with my dinner, and as I was scrolling through my phone I happened to see this headline and I thought wait a second, is the Olympics on right now? It was.


I promptly turned the TV on just in time to catch the next figure skating routine. I ended up watching for over and hour. I got to see the Shib Sibs! I learned that while I do love watching figure skating, what I particularly love is actually called ice dancing. Watching the couples glide across the ice to the music is so mesmerizing. The Shib Sibs, above, gave a stunning performance set to Coldplay, and I am now obsessed with them. They make everything look effortless, and I think we all know that figure skating is by no means an easy sport!

I was especially captivated by the performance of Japanese duo Kana Muramoto and Chris Reed (from the top photo). You can see a clip of it here. When the commentator explained that they were telling the story of the Japanese cherry blossom, from winter to spring, I literally almost cried.

Watching the Olympics didn’t fix any of our problems yesterday. In fact, all it really did was distract me for a while. I could have done that with a mindless show on Netflix or by retreating to a book, but this was so much more special.

I was utterly chilled out by the end, with the music (particularly the song “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” which Muramoto and Reed used in their routine) still floating in my ears, thinking about how lovely the entire event was. If you are in need of tuning out certain things or people this week, seriously, watch the Olympics. It does something magical that you didn’t even know you needed.

What About You?

Are you watching the Olympics this year? What are your favorite sports to watch?



*photos from Google and do not belong to me

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