Book Review: Girl Logic


I love, love, love reading memoirs. Autobiographies, too, but there’s just something special about memoirs, you know? I used to only read them when I needed a break from reading fiction books or after a really bad book hangover (example: Career of Evil) but lately I’ve been seeking them out more and more. I guess the memoir genre was never something I took interest in until I really started to crave more insight about the lives and careers those that I admire.

Iliza Shlesigner is one such person. I am kind of in awe of her, and I was so excited when her first book came out late last year. With a foreword by Mayim Bialik, Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity is a book of essays about everything from confident women, relationships, being single, and the all-important concept of Girl Logic or GL, which she defines as:

“a characteristically female way of thinking that appears to be contradictory and circuitous but is actually a complicated and highly evolved way of considering every choice and its repercussions before we make a move toward what we want.”

Whoa. I know that is a lot to take in, but the more she talks about Girl Logic the more it makes sense. Reading about it, I felt more connected to literally every woman on earth because of the madness that we all subconsciously subject ourselves to when we make decisions. Don’t lie, I know you do it, too! 😉

Women deal with a myriad of contradictions running through their heads every single day and Iliza is here to point out the absolute absurdity of it all. Think about it, you’ve probably wanted to be skinny one day and more curvy the next, right? Prettier but not too pretty? Smart but not too smart because you’ll be called a know-it-all? Iliza assures us that it is okay to feel this conflicted on the regular, that you are not alone, and that (and this is the best part) you do not have to continue living like this!

This book is as much an examination of the female psyche as it is a pep talk for why you can live your life and be confident no matter what the mixed up Girl Logic in your head is telling you. With tons of anecdotes and witty words of wisdom, Girl Logic is a great read and resonated with me so much. I was nodding along pretty much from page one, and found myself thinking “Finally, someone who gets it.”

I will admit that I didn’t know about Iliza until I saw the commercials for her show Truth & Iliza on Freeform last year. If you haven’t seen that yet, I’d highly recommend watching it as an introduction to her and who she is. Then go watch all of her Netflix specials. Then go follow her Instagram to see all of her hilarious pictures (and captions) of her cute dog Blanche. It will all make you fall in love with her and wish that she was your sister. I know I do!



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