December Ipsy Bag Review


I got my ipsy bag earlier than I expected this month, considering the typical mail delays this time of year. As usual, I received an email a few days prior telling me what would be in my bag this month. Below are the products I received.

December Ipsy Bag

december ipsy bag

  1. Luxie Beauty Brush
  2. Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel
  3. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
  4. City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow
  5. NYX Faux Black Eyeliner

I’m not going to lie, as soon as I saw that eye shadow I promptly went online and updated my product preferences on ipsy’s website. Bright purple with glitter, yowza. I changed my preferences from “plums” to “neutrals” and hope to never get that color again. Every review of that eye shadow expresses disappointment at receiving this specific color, making me question why they are even sending it out in the first place. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be getting much use out of that eye shadow.

Other than that blip, all the other products in this month’s icy blue bag are the exact things I use/needed more of. I love a brand new eyeliner, for one, as well as new brushes. First Aid Beauty is a great brand I have used a lot, and although I had never heard of Chella before, I really like this clear eyebrow gel so far.

I’m actually really glad that I updated my product preferences, because I was starting to get mostly the same things every single month. Unless you are specifying exactly what you want, there is little chance that your products will actually be randomized. This is one disappointing thing about ipsy, and why every month I contemplate cancelling my subscription! So far, I’m going to continue it into 2018 simply because I like receiving new products, but I’m definitely not using them as quickly as I thought I would.

What About You?

What was in your December ipsy bag? Did you happen to get the same purple eye shadow?


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