Podcast Review: “Sleep With Me”

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You know when you’ve had the longest day that by the time you get home all you can think about is jumping into bed and falling into a deep sleep – only to get in bed and lay there wide awake for hours and hours? That’s been me the past few weeks. Sometimes I turn turn podcasts on to help me fall asleep, and recently I tried out Sleep With Me and it was quite an experience!

Sleep With Me is, simply, “the podcast that puts you to sleep.” It’s a “lulling, droning, boring bedtime story to distract your racing mind.” Sounds good to me 🙂

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Night One: I was wide awake! I had never listened to this podcast before, and the first ten minutes or so started with advertisements and a general introduction of what to expect. It was pretty nice, as the narrator explained that he has had trouble sleeping and he created this podcast to help other people who suffer from the same thing.

He reiterates that he’s trying to create a safe space for you to relax and feel calm. Well, the episode I listened to (which he calls bedtime stories) was recapping the movie Home Alone, which is of course one of my favorite movies! I ended up laying awake for the entire episode because I wanted to hear the movie recap, haha. Although I had to listen to another podcast afterward to actually fall asleep, I was still looking forward to the next one.

Night Two: I fell asleep right away. This may have been because I was so tired from having not slept the night before. I actually don’t even remember which episode I listened to because I fell asleep that quickly!

Night Three: On the third night I was a little restless. I listened to the episode “Apple At My Core” which was funny and kept me up for a while because I was laughing at the lame jokes. Yet I somehow did manage to drift off and I don’t even remember the rest of the episode! This seems to be the general consensus of listeners, that you don’t even know what you listened to because you fell asleep so quickly!

Night Four: It was like magic. I turned the podcast on and the next thing I know, I’m waking up thirty minutes later (because I left the light on) without even remembering falling asleep! As soon as I turned the light out, I fell asleep again just as quickly. Success!

Overall Thoughts

This podcast might not be for everyone, but it ended up working for me. The narrator’s voice is a little hard to get used to which might be the main turnoff for most listeners. I liked falling asleep to this podcast versus others because with other podcasts, there are “commercial breaks” which normally doesn’t bother me but the music always changes right before the advertisements come, and it gets noticeably louder and inevitably wakes me up. With Sleep With Me, all the ads are at the beginning of the podcast, and there aren’t any noticeable volume changes at all. This is a huge factor in why I’ve continued using this podcast. It got a five star rating from me, and I’m keeping it in my library for sure.

Do you have issues falling asleep, too? Feel free to share your own tips or experiences in the comments below!

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