The Best Highlighters


Highlight(er) of My Life

Highlighter is one of those things you don’t know you need until you use it and then wonder how you’ve been living without it all this time. If you want to give it a go but aren’t sure where to start, below are three products I recommend:

BenefitEye Bright

Benefit Eye Bright is a highlighting crayon and the first highlighter I ever used. It’s pretty versatile and can be applied under your eyebrows, across your eyelids or (the most popular use) in the corners of your eyes. The only downside is sharpening it because, as you can tell, it’s a pretty thick crayon and those are the hardest to sharpen. But, it works just as effectively if it’s a little dull so I don’t even sharpen it too frequently.

Benefit Fake Up is the most effective highlighter I’ve used so far. It’s a twist up (like lipstick) that you swipe underneath your eyes and blend in with a sponge or beauty blender. The results are immediate! It instantly gives you a brightening shine underneath and (in my opinion) a more awake look. This has lasted me quite a long time – so long that I’m not even sure they sell it anymore! But it looks like the Watt’s Up highlighter product they have now is pretty similar.

Bare MineralsStroke of Light.png

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light is the latest highlighter I have tried and the shade I use is Luminous 1. The best thing about it is that is is liquid and comes with a brush, like a concealer. I use it after applying foundation, but before powder, and just dab a little under my eyes and blend with a sponge or beauty blender (you can use your fingers, too). The results are not as obvious as the Benefit ones, I will admit. But it goes on so easily and if you’ve got the right shade it blends in really well and does give off a brightening effect. It’s my most-used highlighter so far simply because of how easy it is to apply.

What About You?

Do you use highlighter? Which brands are your favorite/least favorite? I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a part of my everyday makeup routine, but it’s a huge factor in my overall look at least once a week.

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