Decorating Pumpkins


Last weekend we did some pumpkin decorating with these cute little kits they have at Target. Every time I would walk past the Halloween section, my eye was drawn to these cool pretty white pumpkins and all the fun stuff surrounding them. So, we each picked one and a theme and decided to give it a go.




I chose a black and gold theme and Anthony chose a Dia De Los Muertos theme (I’m glad he did because I secretly wanted that one!). There were a lot of other options that looked more kid friendly, like mummies and mad scientists and just plain ‘ol jack-o-lanterns, too.




At first glance everything looked about as easy as I’d expected. The decorations were just stickers, and in my case there was no real pattern to follow when placing them. I started with the gold skulls and began adding the black leafy designs in around them. Anthony’s pattern required more detail since his design was ultimately going to be a face, but it didn’t take long.


Since there was no actual gutting of real, live pumpkins  involved in this, it’s a great alternative to traditional pumpkin decorating. In our case, it has been well over ninety degrees every day this past week, which means that even if we did carve real pumpkins they would be utter goop within two days.

How do you think it turned out? The black stickers were so interconnected that in peeling them off the page they started to rip super easily! And, a few days after doing the activity they are actually starting to peel off the pumpkins, too. Bummer. But all in all, I would recommend this as something fun and festive to do.



P.S. Pumpkin bread, cookies, and snacks.

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