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One of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest is desks. I love to see how other people are designing their workspaces, and these pins give me all kinds of inspiration and ideas. My current desk-slash-workspace is below:


The location of my desk, and it being one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door, means I like to keep it as clean and minimalistic as possible.

We love having photos on display, which I will never not do, even though it’s a home design no-no. But seeing our Polaroids and snapshots of my dog, Spencer, make me so happy that I could never take them down. I have my Fab Fit Fun scarf handy because my chair is inconveniently located right under an air vent (!) and the little lamp from IKEA comes in handy if I’m working late into the evening.

Is there usually a sheaf of papers, pens, highlighters and books scattered around it like sunbeams? Yes! But I try to tidy it up once a week. You would be surprised how much that visual noise can really block your brainwaves!


Do you have a special place where you work or do homework?

6 thoughts on “My Workspace

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  1. Interesting!
    Converted th spare room into my office space.
    I could never work without piles of papers lying around! Tidy it up? Once a week? Oh good lord no! 😉
    What wld really block my brainwaves is staring into that wall – I must b facing a window at all times.
    Keep up th good work

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