Something On My Mind


I don’t quite understand how the internet became a place for people to make others feel bad about themselves. I know that we all want to show our best selves at all times, so we choose the most flattering photos, cherrypick which life events to share based on how impressive or cool they sound (I got a new car! I went to France! We’ve been together six months!). If those things really did happen and you feel compelled to share, go right on ahead. There is nothing wrong with telling good news to friends and family you are connected to online. But lying about things, knowing it will cause others to question themselves and feel shitty for lack of a better word, why do it?

A person I know (who will not be named) recently posted a status that said, “One year ago today, I became a homeowner at age 23. Best decision I’ve made for myself.”

I have known this person since 2012. We were undergraduates together at community college, we went on to the same four year university, and we graduated around the same time. We were both in school full time; I was working retail part-time, and this person was a waitress. There is absolutely no way in hell that this person working as a waitress for a couple of years could have managed to buy a condo (it’s not a house, it’s a condo…they have mentioned this before) right after graduation. Yes, this person went on to work at a realty company after graduation, but the likelihood of this person having the means to buy property in less than six months just doesn’t add up, does it?

There is nothing wrong with having your parents buy you things. Clothes, cars, fun stuff for no reason. If your parents can afford it, then by all means enjoy yourself. I really do mean this. But don’t pretend it was all you.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, and this isn’t about being bitter at not being able to buy a house. On the contrary, buying a home sounds like a nightmare to me at such a young age. But if my parents offered to buy a house for me and I had them to fall back on when financial situations arose, and you know they do when you own property, I, too would think, to hell with it, let’s buy that house.

I wish the internet and social media could just be more real. Are we really that obsessed with our images to the point that we have to fake these things because we want a better online reaction? How many “you go girl!” comments do you need to feel better about yourself?

I am not in the business of making other people feel bad about themselves through posts on my social media accounts, and I am not one to pretend I’m too good for reality; reality is politics, healthcare, local and state issues, and the myriad of other topics that affect each of us daily. I don’t have a solution to this right now, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this over the last two days. Social media doesn’t always bring out the best in people, and I find it quite disappointing. Maybe it shows your true colors?

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