Tuesday Tips: Clearing Clutter

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Clearing clutter is a great way to stay on track and organized. I don’t know about you, but my desk seems to always be covered in crap. Where does it come from? No surprise that it makes it that much harder to work when I have a million little distractions surrounding me.

I’m keeping this one short and sweet by listing 25 things you can throw out or donate RIGHT NOW to clear the clutter from your house, desk, and brain.

Toss or Donate?

expired makeup = toss
old cellphone cases = donate
worn out or single socks = donate
perfume samples = toss
extra pens = donate
old magazines = donate
coupons = toss
books = donate
old notebooks = donate
highlighters = donate
receipts = toss
cords or chargers = toss
old glasses = donate


Other ways to clear clutter, physically and mentally…

delete old text message threads and old contacts
unsubscribe from spam and promotional emails
gather old clothes and shoes to donate
toss any nail polish you haven’t used in the last six months
delete apps on your phone that are taking up space
delete old photos from your phone or computer
shred and toss old gift cards or expired debit/credit cards
donate old makeup/toiletry bags you no longer use
donate old purses you no longer use
delete old email conversation
toss old schoolwork and notes you don’t need
condense files on the computer so you have less icons on the desktop


It’s easy to forget how much someone else could really benefit from the items we no longer use. Those shoes you hardly wear, or the purse you bought on a whim but never use could make someone else’s day if you donate it to Goodwill or somewhere similar.

You get the benefit of clearing space and knowing that you aren’t just tossing items that someone else will be able to get more wear out of. If you don’t want to donate the item you could also try selling it on an app like Poshmark which makes it really easy to sell and buy used items.

Just knowing these things are there, piling up over weeks and months, makes it a kind of visual noise that blocks your brain. Clearing out, throwing away or donating gives you more space, both literally and figuratively, to move on and keep focused on what matters most, whether it’s your work, family, creative projects or all of the above.

What are your tips for clearing clutter?

P.S. Goal Planning, and Time Management


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips: Clearing Clutter

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  1. In my office, it’s all about papers (reference material for my writing)
    Pick a pile of papers twice a week.
    Start from th base and work to th top – file th good stuff; clear th expired chaff
    And music (th more motivational th better) – can’t sort anything out without some good beats 🙂
    Sorry I’ve fallen behind w your blog! I’ve been… sorting out stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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