August Wrap-Up & The Best Party Trick Ever


August is OVER and with it all things summer. Can you tell how much I am really, really looking forward to Fall and Winter?

We had a pretty busy August what with our summer semesters ending, fall classes beginning, a trip to Disneyland and California Adventures in between, and a birthday party-slash-boxing match-watch-party, and so much more in between. I don’t always do a monthly recap but August was especially eventful for us, and I thought it would be nice to share some photos if you’d like to see.


IMG_8540 2

IMG_8545 2

IMG_8576 2

We accomplished pretty much everything on our to-do list at the parks, which included getting some Mickey Waffles, featured in August Favorites, seeing Frozen at the Hyperion theater which was out of this world, and riding the new Cars ride.

IMG_8554 2
IMG_8588 2

The only thing I was looking forward to which I didn’t get was the rose gold Minnie Mouse ears which sold out in record time and won’t be back in stock until October, so that was a bit of a bummer. We will be back though 🙂


As I mentioned, we have a Virgo in the house! Last Saturday we celebrated with food and treats and some minion decorations…

But what is the number one best party trick, you ask? Bring a polaroid camera. I don’t know what it is about the quirkiness of these things, but we got way better photos with this little camera than we normally would have when trying to take candid shots on our phones. Everyone got more silly, more fun, more natural. The photos really speak for themselves.









It was such a fun and extremely easy way to make memories and have keepsakes that will last forever. Do you have a Polaroid? I highly recommend bringing one to your next event!


Thanks for reading, see you in September!

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