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What are your go-to products for keeping your lips hydrate, shiny, and that perfect shade that matches your entire skin tone?

I have a few products I love which I keep with me at all times. They are reliable (they can withstand that Arizona heat), yummy (mostly minty-scented and tasting), and long-lasting (most of them!).

Below are my picks for lip care:


Pacifica Lip Tint: I normally don’t go for anything tinted (chapstick, canceler, etc.) because the color never comes out right but this Pacifica lip tint surprised me! It’s hydrating and the color Blood Orange is a perfect shade for me.

Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean: We all have a Burt’s Bees lip balm lying around somewhere don’t we? I just picked up this vanilla bean flavor and it’s so good! Normally I get the mango, pomegranate or natural beeswax so this was a nice one to mix it up. Extremely hydrating and with a light scent, I recommend it for an everyday lip balm.

Philosophy Peppermint Stick: came with a gift set (or the reason I bought the gift set?) Philosophy lip gloss surprised me! I don’t know what I was expecting but this has quickly become one of my favorites to take on the go.

Rose Salve: this Smith’s rose salve used to only come in a little round tin and now it comes in a squeeze tube! This is a game-changer. I love rose salve but being a slight germaphobe I never used the tin container except while at home. Now I can take rose salve on the go!

Buxom: the largest of the three, I highly recommend Buxom for lip gloss (it comes in other sizes) because of it’s long-lasting effects. The gloss is minty, goes on thick but looks natural.

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…and before you use any of these, make sure to exfoliate πŸ™‚

ChapStick Total Hydration: this little pot of exfoliating cream is heaven; scoop a little on your finger and spread across your lips, working in for about a minute if you can and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. Viola! Super hydrated and smooth lips in no time.

What are you favorites?


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