Positive Affirmations & Meditation


This is a follow up to my recent post on how to start meditating if you’ve never tried it before. In that post I mentioned that it is important to hold some kind of affirmation in your mind when you meditate. This is different for everyone, and the more you practice meditating the more likely you will be able to develop one for yourself.

Below I share some ideas for how to get started with your affirmations and what kinds of words to keep in mind when you are meditating.

A really simple phrase I have used when meditating is: Today will be a good day.

It is positive, easy to remember, and most importantly, it is short. When focusing on your breathing it’s a good idea to keep your affirmations shorter rather than longer. Other ideas include:

I am at ease and my mind is quiet.
I am focused on the present moment.
I accept myself.
I choose love.
I am grateful.

If you don’t know what yours will be, I recommend to try focusing on just a word or two while meditating. A few that I like are:


Before you know it, these positive affirmations will be guiding you throughout the day! Eventually you will reach a point where you can meditate anywhere at any time, but to  start it’s a good idea to stick to somewhere quiet, free of interruptions be they other people around you or in your environment; sit, don’t stand, and allow your body to relax from your shoulders all the way to your toes. You can close your eyes, but you certainly don’t have to, as it is all about what is keeping you most comfortable.

Start with five minutes – that’s really all it takes to begin meditating. You will be surprised by the benefits just five minutes of focused meditation can have on the rest of your day, your week, month and year as long as you keep it up. Good luck 🙂

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