Why Road Trips Are The Best Way to Travel


The good ol’ American road trip. I don’t have to sell it to you, because it’s on pretty much everyone’s bucket list to road trip across the country at least once in their lifetime. But I declare we start taking more road trips, and we venture off the beaten path more than once in our lives.

Road Trips and Flying. Let’s compare the two shall we?

Flying will undoubtedly get you there faster, that’s for sure wherever there is for you. Is it safer? Perhaps. If you’re going out of the country it’s your only option. But it’s pricey. The experience you’ll have on a plane is too much of a gamble in my opinion. You have to expect nothing, prepare for the worst, and can only relax once you’re physically off the plane. Your packing of your precious items has to be precise, which can drive you bonkers up until hours before the flight (do I really need to take four pairs of shoes? what’s the likelihood I will need a sweatshirt and a sweater? what if it gets hot?) Not to mention the amount of germs crawling (literally) on planes. I am generally one for not being too germaphobe because a certain amount of germs will build up your immune system believe it or not, but there is such a thing as too much.

I present to you the perfect alternative: road trips.

When you’re on a road trip you have so much more control than you do when you fly. You can listen to music and podcasts with or without headphones, talk freely with your friends without having to sidestep controversial topics, or you can have complete silence if you so wish. If you drive for an hour and suddenly want to stop and take a break, you very well can and go walk around a rest stop or get something to eat. You control the atmosphere in your car, and that is something that irks me most about planes: having zero control of anyone/anything around you leaves too much up to chance, and for an introvert, that is not an ideal environment to be in.

If you plan your trips more around the destination you will be exploring and less about the logistics of how you’ll get there, flying versus driving is probably not on the top of your things to consider list. But for a lot of people (yes, introverts, I’m looking at you!) the planning is just as important if not equally important to the destination. With road trips you can get a better sense of what will be going on every step of the way because you decide.

Not only that, but you get to see and experience more things when you drive. When I’m not the driver, I don’t sleep in the car. I gaze out the window at everything we pass because I am never not in amazement by the different sights we get to see. Sometimes it’s mountains higher than you can see, or lush greenery and fields, big open sky; other times it’s desert and cactus and flat land.

Road trips are by far the best way to travel and I make a point to go on them as much as I can. Depending on where you live, summer is the ideal time for these kinds of trips. What is better than warm sun, bright skies, and an open road ahead of you? 🙂


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