Weleda & Whole Foods

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We go to Whole Foods quite a bit because we love all the freshly prepared food they have: the salad bar, sandwiches, sushi, pizza, and the ice cream…they have the best peppermint ice cream (but it’s only there during the holiday season!).

On a recent weekday evening while we were moseying along through the store I came across these cute little canvas bag sets of Weleda products for five bucks! I am a sucker for any sort of travel set, sample set of anything and if it’s under twenty dollars I am so game. I had never heard of Weleda before either, so it was a chance to try some new products which I always love doing!


The Might Essentials came in a cute little canvas bag – and all the proceeds go to the Whole Kids Foundation 🙂



A nice mix of products including…

  • Sea Buckthorn body wash
  • Skin Food cream
  • Almond facial lotion
  • Arnica massage oil
  • Salt toothpaste

Cute! Love finding new (to me) all-natural products that are made using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices! Read more about them here, and see some of their other products, too.

Any natural products or brands you’d recommend?


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