Things You Didn’t Know Could Harm Your Pet: Houseplants


Pet owners tend to know the no-no items to keep out of proximity of their pets by heart: chocolate, plastic, electrical cords, pesticides, medication, among others. But did you know there are a huge amount of common house plants that can cause serious health issues, if ingested, to cats and dogs? Below is a list of just such plants to keep away from your pets, with some of the more common ones in bold:


Aloe, Amaryllis, Andormeda Japonica, Asian Lily
Asparagus Fern, Australian Nut, Autumn Crocus, Azalea
Belladonna, Bird of Paradise, Bittersweet, Black Locust
Branching Ivy, Buckeye, Buddhist Pine, Caladium
Calla Lily, Castor Bean, Ceriman, Clematis
Cordatum, Corn Plant, Cycads, Cyclamen
Daffodil, Daylily, Devil’s Ivy, Dieffenbachia
Dumbcane, Easter Lily, Elephant Ears, Emerald Fern
English Ivy, Eucalyptus, Ferns, Fiddle-leaf Philodendron
Florida Beauty, Foxglove, Glacier Ivy, Gladiolas
Gold Dust Dracaena, Golden Pothos, Heavenly Bamboo, Honeysuckle
Hurricane Plant, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Iris
Jerusalem Cherry, Jimson Weed, Kalanchoe, Lantana
Lillies (all Lillium species), Lilly of the Valley
Lupine, Marble Queen, Morning Glory, Mother-in-law
Mountain Laurel, Narcissus, Needlepoint Ivy, Nephthysis, Nightshade, Oleander
Panda, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Poison Hemlock
Precatory Bean (rosary pea), Privet, Red Emerald
Rhododendron, Ribbon Plant, Sago Palm, Satin Pothos
Schefflera, Striped Dracaena, Sweetheart Ivy,
Tulip, Water Hemlock, Wisteria, Yew, Yucca

I gathered this helpful information on a recent trip to our veterniarian. Our dog was getting a simple claw trim, and while waiting in the lobby I came across an ASPCA brochure about things that can pose harm to pets. I assumed I would know most of them, but nope! As I am sure there are lots of dog and cat lovers out there, I wanted to pass this information along. If you’ve got any of these plants in your home, keep them out of reach of furry friends who might be inclined to nibble on them! It could save you a lot of money on vet bills.



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