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University of Arizona Libraries

Wildcat Statue ~ UA Tucson

I don’ know about you, but whenever I think of Tucson, I am reminded of that episode of Ugly Betty when Henry moved to Tucson with Charlie. Do you remember when he was wearing that enormous sombrero? I’m happy to report that Tucson now has more meaning to me than being just a point of reference on a much-missed TV show.

We recently made the two hour drive south to Tucson to visit the University of Arizona main campus. We moseyed around, took lots of pictures and explored the libraries. Yes, libraries, there are about five of them scattered around the campus.

However, since it was upwards of one-oh-five degrees Fahrenheit the day we visited, and with not a cloud in the sky to shield us from the heat, we decided to visit only the main library rather than traipse around in the heat for any longer than necessary.


Statue outside the Main Library




We entered the library on the first floor and made our way up the winding staircases. There are five floors total in this library and each is filled with rows and rows of books, desks and computer labs. The silence was delicious.

On the third floor we decided to look around and I saw these desks (below) facing out on the campus. I knew instantly that had I been an undergrad again, this is where I would sit and study. I have always been a fan of sitting by the window in a library and these little desks are ideal for just that. I could totally see myself sitting here for an afternoon and getting a lot of work done. Too bad I don’t live closer, though there are some great libraries near me now that are a lot more convenient to commute to.


On one of the floors of the Main Library we came across these:


Moving shelves.




Pressing the “move left” or “move right” button on the outside of the shelf will indeed make the shelf move right or left. Even better, the lights on top of the shelves (seen above) turn on magically and the shelves part, creating a little path for you. I was reminded of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, when Harry goes to the restricted section and lots of curious things start to happen. Thankfully, there were no screaming books here at UA, although I didn’t actually open any of them so who knows.

Taking a mini-road trip and spending the day exploring the libraries was such a nice way to spend an afternoon 🙂

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