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Lush! I am tempted to just call this an early throwback Thursday post because I have been using Lush products for so many years.

At the height of my Lush obsession I was using curly whirly, rehab, dyeing my hair with the henna, and of course soaking up those delicious bath bombs! When a company is as all-natural and environmentally friendly as Lush, you just want to buy everything in the store.

Yet weirdly enough, I had never tried their face products until recently.

I had read some amazing reviews of both of these products online, while doing research about what I should try first, and I decided to go on and buy them both and give it a go.

  • Angles on Bare Skin face and body cleanser: smells so nice! You break a little piece of the product off in your hand, mix with water and then massage onto your skin as you would with any other cleanser. It smells so good and left my skin feeling hydrated, not dried out which tends to happen a lot
  • Ultrabland facial cleanser: take a small amount and smooth over face and dab off with a wet cloth or cotton pad; it was so gentle but really thick and a little hard to fully remove the first time around; definitely only use a tiny, tiny bit, a little goes a long way with this one

I am really, really (really) cautious about trying new skincare products because you have to be so careful about what you put on your skin! I have had enough bad reactions (not many, but enough) to name brand skincare products that I am now wary about trying new ones without researching first. Lush uses all natural products so I felt good about trying these two out. I was really happy with the results and I definitely think these two were worth the buy.

Any recommendations for other Lush products I should try? It seems like every time I go into Lush there are so many products everywhere that I always miss things!

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