June Favorites

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Guess what? This is my 200th post. Exciting! June has been dragging along for me lately, and I will admit I am already kind of just daydreaming about Fall. It’s technically right around the corner! In the midst of the heatwave we are having right now, that is one of the few things I can think about that gives me relief! This month’s favorites comprise of mostly articles, because I read so many great articles this past month that I wanted to share.

Without further ado, here are this month’s favorites. Enjoy!


image via New York times: Mildred and Richard Loving in 1965. CreditEstate of Grey Villet
image via New York Times: he Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art, Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York), Copyright © 2017 Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Real-Life Wizard Pub: A Harry Potter superfan is building a real-life pub called The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn in London how cool is that? You can read more about it here.
  • How Interracial Loving Is Saving America: “This transition from blindness to sight, from anxiety to familiarity, is a process of acquiring “cultural dexterity.” Love can make people do uncomfortable things, like meeting a black lover’s family and being the only white person in the room. Culturally dexterous people have an enhanced capacity for intimate connections with people outside their own tribe, for recognizing and accepting difference rather than pretending to be colorblind. And if one undertakes the effort, the process is never-ending.” -SHERYLL CASHIN Love, love, love this. Read her article here.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Did you know Frank Lloyd Wright hated New York City? This NYT article (ha) explores his life and career. I was attracted to it because Wright has had a huge impact on my own city! Taliesin West is here, as is this spire which is conveniently located on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. It was so interesting to read the NYT stories of his greatest designs and how much he has impacted modern architecture.


  • New Poet Laureate: Tracy K. Smith is the new Poet Laureate. I’m excited to read some of her work soon!
  • A List of Collective Nouns: “A group of ants is called a colony. A group of aunts is called a book club.” I was laughing so hard at this.
  • Lena Dunham Op-Ed: Please also check out Lena Dunham’s article in the New York Times about the lifesaving effects of birth control, and why it would be so detrimental for someone to lose access to it. Stay informed folks!


In other news, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published twenty years ago today! I wish I could be there at King’s Cross to celebrate with everyone else, but I did happen to catch most of the Harry Potter marathon on last weekend, so that counts, right? It would take me too long and too many posts to express my love for this series, so I’ll just say I’m so glad it exists and twenty years seems an equally long and not long time for it to have been in our lives, doesn’t it?

Enjoy the rest of your June! 🙂


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  1. Congrats on 200 posts! I’m looking forward to fall already also. It’s my favorite season and I can’t help but dream about it even though summer is just getting started.

    Speaking of Frank Lloyd Wright, I’m going to see Falling Water this fall! Have you been there?

    Keep writing, looking forward to 201!

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