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We are coming into the dog days of summer here in Phoenix. We have an extreme heat warning in effect this week, and yesterday it was one hundred twenty degrees, I am not even kidding. Planes were grounded! How is that for the first day of summer? And the AC went out in our car so the struggle has been r-e-a-l as of late. We are smack dab in the middle of 2017 whether we like it or not, and I don’t know about you but everything feels a little blah right now. Being in a slump is no fun. Below is a mix of things that are keeping me cheered up.


Without further ado, some music for your ears…

June Playlist John Mayer ~ HelplessSt. Lucia ~ Love SomebodyMiley Cyrus ~ MalibuChildish Gambino ~ RedboneHaim ~ Running If You Call My NameThe Weeknd ~

Here’s what I’m currently reading (and loving) if you’re interested:

Program or Be Programmed, by Douglas Rushkoff

Career of Evil, by Robert Galbraith

The Innovators, by Walter Isaacson

It’s no secret that I am always reading more than one book at once (just look at my Goodreads widget!) I keep one or two by my bedside, and at least one in my bag to take to work, and they vary from lighthearted and fun to, well, the serious ones above. Program or Be Programmed and The Innovators are two I didn’t choose but am reading for school (more on that later) but am actually enjoying quite a bit. I have a review of Career of Evil coming soon, and I also just started reading Pride and Prejudice because, why not?


"Think of yourself like.png

The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been.-Madeleine L'engle

Wherever you are, I hope that your summer is a lovely one filled with lots of music, good books, bearable heat, and nice people you can surround yourself with. One more thing: there is a Parent Trap playlist for free on Spotify and if THAT doesn’t give you a little boost, I don’t know what will!


5 thoughts on “A Little Something Special

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  1. We have an extreme heat warning in effect here on th south coast of England.
    Road tarmac is melting and all trains have to go at 5mph to avoid breaking th rails!
    Temperature MAY get as high as 34! Of course, I used to work in Bangkok where it was 30+ every day, so I’m used to it!
    Catching up w John W Campbell and Jack Vance and listening to Synthwave mixtapes @ th mo
    Nice Post!
    Don’t forget to take plenty of water

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  2. This playlist is beautiful! I hope you’ve heard Gravity by John Mayer, it’s amazing. i’m from australia where its winter, but I’m travelling to the US in two days so i’m very excited for some sun! my blog is all about music, so if you’re interested i’d love if you had a look! xx

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