Hair Goals ~ Kristin Ess

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Kristin Ess is the woman responsible for the hairstyles of all of the celebrities you love: Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Lauren Conrad and more. Her Insta is filled with gorgeous photos (and styling tutorials!) and you will regularly see celebrities crediting her in their own pictures.

I was so excited and ready for her line of hair products to hit the shelves at Target, and then…they sold out. Womp, womp.

Everything sold out in record time. I went to three different Target locations and each one had a single empty shelf in the hair care line, where the Kristin Ess products would have been.

The good news is that everything has been restocked! So I was able to finally get my hands on these products to test and review.


Before we get to the good stuff, I just want to comment on the packaging of these products and the design of the bottles. I love the no-nonsense look, the colors (ranging from light salmon, white, black and gray) and the tops of the bottles are very easy to open. There was no fussiness about the design, which I liked.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: for all hair types, weightlessly moisturizing smoothing + softening shine renewing, sulfate free
  • Weightless Shine Working Serum: for all hair types, cuticle smoothing frizz taming, moisture losing, strand illuminating

Here’s the skinny: The Weightless Shine is my favorite. It’s similar to Biosilk silk infusion which is a product I use on the regular to maintain frizz control on my naturally curly hair. The shampoo and conditioner are super moisturizing and lather up nicely and do a good job of holding in moisture as opposed to drying out my air.

My only (tiny) issue is the smell which, in the case of all three, just isn’t my favorite. As of now, nothing can beat Dove for me and that is the honest truth. No matter what products I go off and try, Dove has always been my go-to for shampoo and conditioner because it really has worked the best for me and my hair. Would I buy these products again? Yes. So don’t write them off just because I said they don’t smell awesome – you might take a whiff and be in heaven! They’re worth a shot! 🙂


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