Antique Store Finds

Here is the scene: Dewey, Oklahoma. Site of one of my favorite antique stores, Linger Longer:

linger longer 1

linger longer

linger longer 3

linger longer 2

We have been going to this antique store for years. Every time we visit Oklahoma we make a point to drive to Dewey to go and see what we can find. After our visit to the Mercantile, we stopped by Linger Longer to, well, linger longer.




Like most antique stores, it’s almost always a hit or a miss. If you think some of what’s here looks like stuff from the set of a horror film…

…you wouldn’t be too off. Not just are there lots of creepy dolls, but plenty of odd unidentified family photos that are for sale…

I don’t know about you, but I would only buy photos of people I actually know. Although that cowgirl picture was pretty badass.

What I am most interested in was…can you guess?


I scored some great finds in the books and postcards sections, like this vintage copy of The Story of Crazy Horse, and a stack of National Geographic magazine from the 1920’s! I didn’t buy the NatGeo’s unfortunately but it was really special to be able to look through them.

I also found more postcards to add to my collection. I don’t know what it is about old postcards that I find so fascinating. They represent a fleeting moment in time, of the life of someone you never knew, spilling stories and news from their lives years and years ago, to friends and loved ones. What’s not to love about that?

Among the dozens of postcards I scooped up, here are some of my favorites finds:

While most of these postcards were sent to or from locals in Oklahoma, a few of them were sent internationally. I love imaging who these people were and what their stories are. These postcards have US and International stamps, from the East Coast, West Coast, Europe and Spain. Their dates range from the oldest being sent in 1910 all the way up to the mid-60s.

Who would have thought such treasures would be in an simple little antique store in the Midwest? We signed the guest book, so if you’re ever in Linger Longer be sure to look us up 🙂

3 thoughts on “Antique Store Finds

  1. Fantastic!
    There is a huge retro den here on th English south coast that looks EXACTLY like this!
    Yes, it has NGs and postcards! U would love it
    Sign on th door reads: “Come In, We Are Awesome!” 😉
    Lovely Post – just what I need on a dreary Monday, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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