Bath & Body Works Mini-Haul

It’s impossible to go to the mall and walk past Bath & Body Works without stopping in, especially if you haven’t been in forever and there are new sales and scents to check out! Here’s a mini haul of some fun things we got recently:


  • Hand Sanitizers: the mini hand sanitizers were on sale 5/$6! We got Heart of Gold, Slay, Chillin and Ooh La La. I was laughing at how much the packaging and names have changed in just a year! (Remember Sweat Pea, Moonlight Path?) All of these smell soooo good and the price and size are too hard to pass up
  • Hand Cream: Heart of Gold is clearly my new favorite from BBW because I couldn’t resist picking up a small tube of hand lotion, too
  • Co. Bigelow Lip Treatments: Co. Bigelow is on sale, too! Buy 2 get one free. We got Mentha Lip Tint in Violent Mint, Vanilla Mint Supreme, and My Favorite Night Balm.

I’m excited to take these new goodies to work this week 🙂

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