Reasons to Watch Anne With An “E”


Have you watched Neflix’s newest series Anne With An ‘E’ yet? As a major fan of Anne of Green Gables I have to say I was pretty excited for this series reboot. There are countless Anne of Green Gables movies, and TV shows spanning the years since the book first came out, so why watch this one? If you’re a serious fan of the books it can be hard to watch a new adaptation that could potentially ruin it for you. If you’re definitely not going to watch, here’s some reasons to change your mind:

  • For one, it is on Netflix so it is very easy to access. No other series adaptations or film versions of this story are available for streaming, making this one very easy to watch any time.
  • Actress Amybeth McNulty does a superb job of playing our beloved Anne, embodying the heart and soul of this dear, dear character in such a wonderful way.  Nothing is lost in translation as she brings Anne to life in the most passionate, devoted way possible
  • The series stays true to the novel. There is so much to love about Green Gables but readers can agree that its strong themes of feminism and self-love are at the core, and none of this is lost in this adaptation.
  • Present day issues abound! In fact, it’s kind of hard to ignore, making this yet another piece of beloved fiction that echoes feminism from the past, and relates it almost eerily closely to the present.

The first episode, well over an hour long, ends on such a cliffhanger that you will immediately delve into the second episode, and continue watching more and more. It is so hard not to get pulled into the story when Anne is such an endearing character. The clear strongpoint of the series is the casting. I can’t think of anyone better to play the roles of Marilla, Matthew, Rachel Lynde, and Anne herself. They embody the characters so well that if you find faults within them, you’re just looking for things to critique for no reason. Other highlights include the stunning setting of Prince Edward Island, and of course, the period fashion. You know the 1900s are my jam when it comes to fashion and I loved the authenticity of the costumes on both the male and female characters. A detail I noticed was that Matthew consistently has dirty hands and dirt caked under his nails – what a perfect touch since he is a farmer and always working outside! This series is filled with little things like that that really make it come to life.

I think all book lovers can agree that there is never anything truly lost in book-to-film adaptations. Although parts of a story may be changed, these adaptations are what bring the stories to an audience who might otherwise have never heard of the book. It promotes the  books themselves even more so, by inspiring viewers to read seek out the books and experience them all over again. I think a lot of younger people who have maybe not yet read the Anne series will do so following or prior to watching Anne With An ‘E’ which is the reward in itself.

Have you watched the show yet? What did you think?


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