Spring Break L.A.

It’s no secret that California is always our destination of choice for vacations, no matter what time of year. Last week we took a trip to West L.A. and hit up some of our favorite spots. I thought I would share a few photos if you’d like to see:

The Hangout at Seal Beach is one of our favorite restaurants. In the year that passed between our last visit, nothing had changed. The same awesome staff was running the restaurant, the vibe was so relaxed and fun, and the view from every table looks out at the pier and the water.

Seal Beach is the best because it has a small town beachy vibe that some of the other spots in SoCal don’t. It’s kind of our secret spot. When we want to swim in the ocean we go to Seal Beach because it is less crowded and a lot quieter.

We discovered a new coffee shop on this visit to Seal Beach, called Bogart’s. I normally prefer hot coffee but it was already pretty warm outside so we got iced lattes which were heaven.

On to Newport Beach!

Newport is always more crowded than you expect, but we always have fun! The statue above reminded me of Bobby Newport, for no reason other than, well, I don’t know. Parks and Rec references abound in my head! At Newport we walked along the boardwalk, saw a class of lifeguards taking a lunch break (they were all super tan and had sun bleached hair) and were enchanted by a sweet little toddler we saw speaking impeccable French, who would have thought?

Not pictured: a raging sunburn on both my shoulders that I got to take home as a souvenir.


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