April Favorites

Hello there! Is it me or did April just seem to completely fly by? It’s crazy that we are already approaching May. Where did the time go? Below are some of my favorites for this past month.

Bill Nye Saves the World: Woohoo Bill Nye is back! Bill Nye Saves the World was just released on Netflix last week. I remember watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in elementary school! Years later I got to see him speak live at my college right before I got my BA and it was surreal to see him in person. I love that he continues to have such a following with younger generations. This show is kind of corny, and I still don’t know how I feel about Karlie Kloss being involved, but I love his positivity and his messages about climate change and environmentalism.

Escape to the Country: We have been so into this show on Netflix lately and I have no idea why. It is like the British version of House Hunters on HGTV except way, way more British. I watched one episode and was hooked. Is it the British accents? The beautiful countryside? The blind hope that the family will choose a house at the end even though they never do? Who knows. But I love it.

Why Not Me?: I have been reading Mindy Kaling’s latest book (and am taking it on a trip this weekend) and it is so hilarious. One thing I’ve noticed is how much the tone of her writing has changed since her last book. She sounds so much more confident, wiser and comfortable with herself than the first time around, don’t you think? I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a light read this week.

National Geographic: how great are these Earth Day photos from National Geographic (via The Washington Post?) Love, love, love this whale photo the most. (Photo by Brian Skerry).

The Search for Everything: Have you listened to John Mayer’s new album yet? So far I like it. Not as much as some of his other albums, because let’s face it there will never be another Vultures, but I would say it’s in his top five best albums so far. And he is going on tour this summer!

ASU Starbucks Cup: A friend got me this cup last month for my birthday. Initially I didn’t think I was going to use it much because I tend to prefer water bottles with caps that close and lock, but I started taking it to work and the gym and it’s not as awkward of a shape/size as I thought it would be. Also love that I get to rep my school 🙂

Pretty Little Liars: I have been watching Pretty Little Liars for almost seven years and the final season is now airing. The show has gotten pretty ridiculous over the years as the mysterious “A” has crafted more and more complex (unrealistic?) plots to trick, trap, harass the liars, so obviously I need to see what this “End Game” is about. As long as Hanna and Caleb stay together, though, that’s what matters most!

E.E. Cummings Collected Poems: I’m not really a poetry person but I got this collection of poems at the library, with the intent of looking for one specific poem in full, and have actually enjoyed flipping through the pages and reading off and on. It’s been really relaxing, so maybe I’m missing out?

That’s all for my April favorites! What are some of the things you’ve been into lately? You can go back and look at my January, February and March favorites too, if you’d like.

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