Mindfulness Tip: Try Music

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly anxious or stressed, the best thing to do is to retreat to a quiet room where I can gather my thoughts, rest and recuperate. Other times, surprisingly, what helps the most is listening to music. It can be anything: pop, hip hop, jazz, movie soundtracks, even country music at times. There is no right kind of music, but the right kind for you will be something that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

My Spotify Daily Mix recommendations have been on point lately with giving me awesome music suggestions that I have been loving. Here are six songs that have been on repeat lately:

  • Model Behavior by Mack Keane
  • Make it Right by Britt Daley
  • Child’s Play by SZA feat. Chance the Rapper
  • Send Me Down by Haim
  • Dreamers by Scavenger Hunt
  • Rosie by John Mayer

There is nothing compared to when you find an artist whose music you love and they end up having a bunch of albums . It’s like discovering a new author and realizing they have a handful of other books, or even a series, under their belt, too. Haim and John Mayer are two such artists for me; give me any of their albums and my headphones and it is bliss. But it’s also fun to find new songs too, right? What do you like to listen to? What are your go to Happiness 911 songs? All of these songs above can be found on Spotify and iTunes. Thanks to Bradscribe for adding the inspiration for this post.

P.S. Do you listen to music while you write? I love playlists, so if you ever want to see more of that, let me know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness Tip: Try Music

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  1. U’re most welcome, Hannah!
    A nice little Post – glad to hear I’ve been able to inspire at least 1 person today
    U might like to know that inbetween th pounding beats, I will b retreating to a quiet room where I can gather my thoughts by doing a Post on Ambient music!
    Bless u

    Liked by 1 person

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