Nighttime Routines

I am very particular about my nighttime routine which is simple, yet necessary for me to get a perfect night’s sleep and be able function properly the next day. Here’s some of what’s involved:

Micellar Water: I always, always, always take off my makeup before bed. Micellar water is a great way to remove makeup and eye makeup, like a quick rinse before washing my face. These are actually really nice, too

Moisturizer & Eye Cream: I love my moisturizers. Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar is so light and creamy, and this Belif eye cream is just as nice. Both have a slightly cooling effect, go on easily and are super hydrating

Lip Balm: Not sure how this habit got started but I cannot sleep without lip balm. I really like Burt’s Bees (in a tin or a stick) and I also use this rose salve or good ‘ol carmex

Nail file/buffer: When you’re sitting in bed idly watching tv what do you do with your hands? I always end up filing or buffing my nails. I love these things from Target. They are so cheap and I have a few handy by my bedside or in bathroom drawers, on my desk…you get the idea

Earth Theraputics hand cream: one of my favorite brands, they have the nicest variety of hand creams (and foot creams) This dream silk one is particularly nice to use in the evenings because it is lavender scented i.e. very calming

Ice Water & Lemon: some people prefer hot tea before bed, but I like ice water with a dash of lemon juice or, if I happen to have them on hand, a little slice of lemon. It’s so refreshing and hydrating and I always have a bottle of it or a glass by my bedside

Reading material: I like to have some light reading material on hand to peruse before I actually go to sleep. I don’t know about you, but staring at screens, be they TV’s or phones, right before bed makes it infinitely harder to fall asleep. More on that, here. Putting the screens aside and resting your eyes before bed is really important especially if, like me, you are someone who wears glasses or contacts most of the day. I like fun magazines like HGTV magazine, Better Homes and Gardes, etc. and fun, light reads like anything by Sarah Jio or any of these 🙂

Doggo: And finally, the best way to relax before bed is to have your furry friend by your side 🙂

What is your nighttime routine or ritual?

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