What We’ve Been Up to Lately

It seems like most of us are thawing out and getting to enjoy some real spring weather finally. I can’t believe it is already (almost) May! Before we know it we’ll be halfway through the year, which is all the more reason to make these days count, right? Here’s a mini-recap of what we’ve been up to and a couple snapshots:

  • Instagram stories are turning me into even more of a dog-paparazzi than I already was. My stories are 89% just pictures of my dog doing funny poses or with lots of emojis surrounding him. I don’t think he minds 🙂
  • I finally got around to trying Yogi Tea and I was impressed. There are so many different flavors and each tea bag has some words of wisdom to contemplate as you drink, kind of like a fortune cookie.
  • We went to our library’s used book sale over the weekend and I got some great finds. I can’t wait to start reading.
  • Lately we have been those people who seem to be at the gym 2-3+ times a week. No real reason why, other than it’s warming up quiet a bit here and the cabin fever of being stuck inside all day at work is kind of getting to us! We are lucky to have a gym so close by that we can frequent on week nights or whenever the feelings strikes.

Not pictured: sneezy spring allergies, worrying about international events, early mornings spent working on creative projects, obsessive spring cleaning once we realized how dusty every surface in the house is, and the hours spent binge watching Once Upon A Time (highly recommend if you’re looking for something light and with minimal drama!) 🙂 What have you been up to?

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