Catching Zzzz’s


If you are like me, you are ready to go to bed as soon as you wake up every morning. But when it actually is time for bed, I. Can’t. Sleep. Either that, or it takes forever to fall asleep. Or stay asleep, or just to get a restful sleep.

I try to keep these tips from Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution in mind:

  • keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool
  • no electronic devices starting 30 minutes before bedtime
  • don’t charge your phone next to your bed
  • no caffeine after 2 pm
  • your bed is not the place for work
  • no pets on the bed
  • take a hot bath or shower with Epsom salts to calm your mind and body before bed
  • only wear pajamas to bed; if you wear it to the gym, don’t wear it to bed
  • do light stretching, meditation or yoga to help transition into sleep mode
  • when reading before bed, make sure it is a real book, and not work-related
  • ease yourself into sleep mode by drinking lavender or chamomile tea
  • before bed, write a list of what you are grateful for

Some of these sound like common sense, but when it comes to implementing a sleep routine into your daily life, they can be very helpful in at least guiding you in the direction of what works for you. For example, I am all about sleeping only in comfy pajamas, never workout clothes, but I always let my dog sneak into bed with me 🙂 It’s all about what works for you. From personal experience, a hot shower, some decaf tea and light breathing exercises really does work wonders to help you wind down for bed.

Arianna Huffington’s Sleep Revolution website has tons of sleep resources including a sleep quality questionnaire (I got a 22) and a guided meditation download, to help you learn more about your sleep lifestyle and how you can better it.

P.S. how comfy does that bed (above) look?!



image via pinterest



3 thoughts on “Catching Zzzz’s

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  1. For someone working @ home, a quick nap after lunch is essential.
    There r NO electronic devices or caffeine in this gaff!
    Can’t stand reading anything work-related before bedtime – ugh!
    I love to meditate, but haven’t practiced so much of late
    After a dull day, ironically this Post has woken me up – THANKS!

    Liked by 1 person

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