A Social (Media) Experiment Pt. 2

Last week I started a week-long social media detox. Read about it here.


Last week I deleted the best-slash-worst app on my phone that has been driving me crazy for years: Facebook. Most of you have an app like this I’m sure. The one you check multiple times a day (multiple times an hour?) religiously, but for no real reason that you can describe? I won’t go so far as to say it is like an addiction, but certain apps definitely have a pull on us more so than others. Fed up with this, among other things, I deleted the app and unceremoniously went on a seven day detox.

Day 1 – 2: I felt amazing on the first day. I hadn’t realized how much pressure the weight of this app was putting on me until it was deleted from my phone. Out of sight, out of mind. The first two days breezed by. This may have been because they were during the middle of the week and I was at work. I would have been unable to be looking at the app anyway, but even when I was on breaks and lunches I didn’t feel the desire to cheat.

Day 3 – 4: The curiosity crept in and I was starting to wonder what I was missing. Was I missing anything? Realistically probably no, but after two days in the dark I started to imagine all of the crazy things that might be going on that I wasn’t aware of. My imagination got the better of me for a hot second and  I did contemplate just stopping the seven-day thing and calling it quits.

Day 5 – 7: These were the hardest days as they fell on the weekend which is prime time for aimless scrolling through feeds and sharing and such. I spent A LOT of time on Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram on these days. Surprisingly, Instagram doesn’t have that same nagging, negative effect on me that Facebook does. I wonder why? It was a good temporary substitute though and I sent more Instagram stories this past week than I ever have, ha.

Did I immediately re-install the app once the seven days were up? I am proud to say I have not. I might soon, but not right now. Not having the app on my phone meant that I had to either switch to others (counterproductive?) or find something else to do, which I did. I got quite an amount of work done this past week on my personal projects than I have in a while. This may have been because I was already planning to do so, but I like to think that the peace of mind I created by deleting the app is what really allowed me to push forward.

Would you delete your most-used app for a day, or a week? Now that I know how nice it was to delete it for the week, I’m definitely going to remember this moving forward. I was feeling particularly stressed and overwhelmed last week and the social media break was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we feel the pressure of an invisible audience in our daily lives, and we certainly do not need that magnified by the presence of social media infringing on our every move, right?



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