A First Time for Everything

Happy March!


You know I love the ocean more than (mostly) anything. It’s always such a treat when I am able to visit and sit by the water, swim and walk along the shore. It’s hard to imagine that a lot of people have never seen the ocean. Never. Not once.

This Washington Post article about a group of people seeing the ocean for the first time caught my eye. All were from the desert, where they had spent the majority of their lives. Imagine the wonder, the excitement, the overcoming sense of newness and peace they felt when seeing the ocean for the first time…

I love that the photos are black and white, especially. It reminds me of how memories tend of evoke more of a feeling than an image, so the color of the water, the sky, doesn’t matter so much. It’s about the feelings expressed in each frame and as you can tell, there were many feelings. I hope that everyone gets to experience this at least once in their life 🙂



top photo via Pinterest, all other images by Martin Bogren via Washington Post

2 thoughts on “A First Time for Everything

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  1. “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean” – Arthur C. Clarke
    I am Mr March – my birthday is this month; th fish is my sign; Neptune my planet
    I have stood on th shores of the Atlantic, pacific and the Andaman, marvelling @ this wondrous sight which i wld recommend to anyone
    Th pics r lovely too

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