The Library Book Mystery


Okay so we have talked about my love of libraries and how this year I’m going to make more of an effort to shop at local independent booksellers and utilize my libraries more, but there’s something I’ve always wondered about that I can’t shake from my mind no matter what I do.

I treat my books like my prized possessions (as you can tell, I have an entire Pinterest board showcasing beautiful books and bookcases) but I am well aware that a lot of people are not like this. So when I pick up a new book at the library I always find myself wondering who checked ths out last? Where did they take it? I try to push the thought out of my head that they may have taken the book into the bathroom (!) which I would never do with a library book. And I have dropped enough books and beloved book marks into the  bathtub to never risk making that mistake again.


So this article featured on LitHub made me laugh because it confirmed my worst nightmares.

Librarians share some of the craziest things they have found inside returned library books: everything from letters to paychecks to homework to money to food. So. Much. Baloney. Literally.

Have you ever found something crazy inside a library book? The only thing I’ve found was a receipt for books checked out, or a reservation paper someone was using as a bookmark. Fingers crossed that that’s all I’ll ever find!



images via Pinterest


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