Cold Remedies & Essential Oils

We have both been sick off and on for the last few weeks and the cold, windy air is certainly not helping either of us get better. It also doesn’t help when it seems like every one of my coworkers is also sick or just getting/just getting over a cold.

Here’s what’s worked for both of us in terms of getting us back on our feet, (or at least getting us through the day) during this cold season:

Juice or Tea + Emergen-C


I think the verdict is still out on Emergen-C as to whether it actually “does” anything. Of course it is not going to magically get rid of your cold nor is it going to make you immune to all sickness. But it does give you a boost of vitamin C, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

It technically is labeled as a dietary supplement so I feel compelled to mention that there is no scientific proof that supplements work, so you should not rely on them wholly for anything. Generally the worst that can happen is, well, nothing.

However, when you are sick it is vital that you drink lots of fluids, so mixing an Emergen-C packet with a glass of juice or decaf tea is in my opinion the way to go. Simply Orange Mango Lemonade masks the Emergen-C flavor amazingly well, but if you like any of the various Emergen-C flavors I’d recommend adding them to plain green tea. Most people take it with a bottle of water but replacing that with juice is like doing double time!



We have also been using our new humidifier quite a bit. It’s compact and very easy to use, and we got a set of six essential oils to use with the humidifier, all of which have specific health benefits.

  • Lavender: good for stress and anxiety and promoting calmness
  • Tea Tree: creates a cooling atmosphere which is good for skin that is dehydrated
  • Eucalyptus: a natural anti-inflammatory, that improves respiratory issues which is essentially what the common cold involves, and it promotes hydration.
  • Orange: the tangy citrus sent promotes relaxation for a general calming and renewal feeling
  • Lemongrass: also citrusy, lemongrass is ideal for helping muscle pains and aches and it is a natural antiseptic
  • Peppermint: works to treat a variety of bodily problems but primarily gastrointestinal issues (so peppermint tea is also good for this) and helps to reduce anxiety

We have mostly been using the eucalyptus and lemongrass oils when either of us is feeling a little rundown. It tends to work best if used in a small room with closed doors, etc. so you can really get the full effect.

Ours has three settings so the humidifier can work for between 1-6 hours at a time and of course the gentle color changing effect is weirdly mesmerizing 🙂

Favorite Books


I know this one isn’t technically a cold remedy, but whenever I am sick I re-read some of my favorite books to distract me. It is sooo not the same thing as watching your favorite TV shows or movies to cheer you up, because reading is infinitely more satisfying than mindlessly watching shows for hours on end! I picked up The Help (which I have not read in years) and it’s been such a delight to re-read and to distract me while I’ve been sick 🙂



When in doubt, there’s nothing wrong with turning to cold medicine, cough drops, nasal sprays or pain relievers, too!

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