Slow Cooker Chicken + Quesadillas

Cold weather makes me crave hot food, and by hot I mean spicy. And by cold weather, I mean anything below sixty degrees! Instead of going out last weekend we decided to stay in and make use of our new crock pot by making slow cooker chicken quesadillas.

We started early Friday morning by putting one cup of salsa into our five quart crock pot, and adding two pounds of frozen chicken breast and a packet of taco seasoning.

We left it on low and let it cook for 6-7 hours. You can use any brand of salsa or taco seasoning, but the key is to add enough so that it will flavor the chicken fully. No need to add water, or any additional spices, the taco seasoning and salsa will do the trick.

We put ours in around 10 am and left it on low until about 6 pm that night. The chicken was tender and easy to pull apart and smelled amazing. We added it to flour quesadillas sprinkled with mixed shredded cheese, and then browned them on the stovetop. About 2-3 minutes on each side was enough to get it nice and crispy.


With chips and sour cream and salsa, it came out delicious and I can’t imagine having quesadillas without slow-cooker chicken again 🙂

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