Book Review: You’ll Grow Out of It


Last month I read Amy Schumer’s The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo and loved it, so of course I had to read You’ll Grow Out of it by Jessi Klein, the head writer of Inside Amy Schumer. I was laughing from the very first page where she talks about her transition from going from a tom-boy in elementary to a tom-man later in life; never especially feminine nor wanting to be but also wanting to be privy to all the so-called secrets of womanhood such as how to expertly walk through a perfume cloud.

I was cringing right along with her when she was describing to a guy she liked that she wanted him to give her a gesture so she would know how he was feeling, and then offered up some ideas of what that gesture might look like. And I definitely had an omg, me too moment during her chapter on Anthropologie in which she describes just who exactly the Anthropologie girl is, and why she will never be that girl no matter how much she shops there. Womp, womp.

My favorite chapter was definitely Poodle vs. Wolf and now I’m stuck categorizing everyone I meet into either poodles or wolves based on Klein’s very specific criteria. You are either a poodle or a wolf, and if you are a wolf nothing, absolutely nothing can be done to make you into a poodle.

Her thoughts on life and aging and beauty and careers are so funny and entertaining and I would highly recommend this book, and/or listening to her episodes of The Moth (which are just as good).

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