Three Great New(s) Podcasts

If you are like me, the news headlines of the past week made every day feel like impending doomsday is upon us. (And funnily enough, scientists reset the Doomsday Clock for this very reason). Headlines can be sensational though, and live news on TV can be nerve wracking to watch if you suffer from the slightest bit of anxiety. The solution? These three new news podcasts. They feature news reporting on current events directly from journalists who represent reputable news organizations.

Can He Do That?
From the Washington Post, Can He Do That? “features original reporting that will illuminate the ways Donald Trump can reshape the presidency and explain what that means for people in the United States and the rest of the world.” At a time when the future of journalists and free speech is looking worryingly uncertain, a podcast in this transparent format is exactly what we need. So far, this one is my favorite.

Civics 101
Truth and alternative facts have been swirling around for weeks now, so in conjunction with Can He Do That, NPR brings us Civics 101 to provide an understanding of civics if you want to brush up on the U.S. government. It may sound elementary, but when people in power are disputing facts daily, understanding the basics is going to go a long way. This one has the same general vibe as NPR Politics podcast so if you like that one you’ll enjoy this as well.

Intercepted – with Jeremy Scahill
Started in 2008 with the election of President Obama, Intercepted first began with the intent of becoming “an adversarial independent news organization that would bring accountability to very powerful institutions and people.” Their first episode titled The Clock Strikes Thirteen, Donald Trump is President is led by Glenn Greenwald, Betsy Reed and Jeremy Scahill “break down Trump’s attacks on the media, that insane speech he gave at the CIA and the state of the Democratic party.” The episode also includes snippets of dispatch from the Women’s March, and discussion of current events with a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist. This one definitely feels more like a regular podcast episode than just a news blurb but so far it has been good.

I’ve already added listening to these podcasts to my weekly routine because it is so important to stay informed now more than ever. The news has been changed daily (heck, it’s changing hourly) and reliable sources are only scarce unless you know where to find them.

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