Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella


Shopaholic to the Rescue picks up right where Shopaholic to the Stars left off. Literally, the very next day after Shopaholic to the Stars ends. Becky, Luke, Minnie, Janice, Jane, Danny, Suze and Alicia head to Las Vegas in search of clues as to where Becky’s dad, Graham, and Suze’s husband, Tarkie, have disappeared to. Alicia tags along on the premise that she’s trying to find out what Bryce, her former employee, has to do with everything but of course we know she is up to no good because she is Alicia and cannot be trusted. Becky dabbles in blackjack, all of the moms (including Elinor!) have massive hangovers after spending all night out at the strip, and Suze distances herself from Becky completely and Becky has no idea why.

The Graham-and-Tarkie-trail leads them all through Nevada and Arizona as they track Graham’s friends from the road trip he took in the 70s in hopes of finding clues as to where he has gone and what he could possibly be trying to “set right” as he keeps telling them. Meanwhile Becky seems to have lost her mojo for shopping and can’t bring herself to buy anything even when Luke, Suze or her mom encourages her to do so. Has she finally grown up and grown out of being a shopaholic? Suze drops a crazy truth bomb that’s going to potentially wreck her marriage, and Alicia’s true intentions come out, and the gang pulls off a heist worth of Ocean’s Eleven. Almost.

For me the highlights were definitely: finding out what “We’re all called Rebecca” means; Becky getting her first pair of cowboy boots, and the fact that the shopaholic team trekked through all of Arizona. I’m glad Becky got to see Sedona, as it really is a beautiful place 😉


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