Winter Gift Guide

The snow is literally falling on WordPress and the holidays are coming! Whether you are buying presents for your friends or family (or for yourself) here are some things I’ve been loving that would make great gifts.


Philosophy Dance of the Dew Drop Fairy

I love mulit-purpose anything especially triple threats like this shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath. I bought this one sight-unseen (un-smelled) online during a sale in November because purple is my favorite color and I loved the name. Luckily it turned out to be deliciously fruity smelling and fun. If you don’t feel like coating yourself in it, use a couple capfuls makes a great bubble bath.



Breakfast at Tiffany's colors.png

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s Nail Polish

I normally stick to browns, navys, and the occasional glitter polish on my toes this time of year, but this robin’s egg blue has been such an unexpected, fun winter color. This particular set also includes a black polish that has a very, very slight shimmer to it if you look really close. Either that or I was hallucinating that one night at work when I noticed it, but I am 98% sure it is there.




Benefit Eye Bright Highlighter

Benefit is mostly known for their brow kits these days, which makes this eye highlighter pencil of theirs a sort of secret weapon. It’s one of those big crayon-like things that’s very easy to use. Just add a little to the corner of your eyes (with or without eyeliner, it doesn’t matter) and it creates a subtle little shine in your eyes to brighten up your face when you’re feeling not-so-bright. It’s a great addition to any makeup-lovers collection




Bath & Body Works Three Wick Candles

These are the only candles I buy this time of year because they last forever. Right now Bath & Body Works is having them on crazy sale, and with the coupons they give out you can surely get one (or two) before the season ends at less than their original price. I got Winter Candy Apple and Snowflakes and Citrus which are fruity but very light and not overpowering. Plus everyone knows a candle in your room creates an instantly calming, soothing affect. I used to always use candles when I was studying for exams.



Luke’s Coffee Mug

…or the Dragonfly Inn if you prefer. Both on Etsy. Admit it, you’ve always wondered what a coffee from Luke’s really tastes like, right? With these fun mugs we can better pretend we are in Stars Hollow while curling up to re-watch past seasons and indulge in every episode of the revival on Netflix. (Have you watched it yet? No spoilers please!)




Arrow Necklace Organizer

I love jewelry dishes and organizers and Urban Outfitters has some especially cute ones out right now. No longer will earrings be rolling around lose in your desk drawer, or necklaces becoming tangled over time in a dresser drawer or forgotten away in a box, in another box, under the bed (anyone else do that?) These jewelry storage ideas are functional and thrifty: jewelry you never remembered you had now has a place to go that’s stylish and functional. The soft, polished metal colors of these would be a great addition to any bedroom or bathroom.




Succulent Garden

They look sweet on a windowsill, kitchen counter, on a desk corner or on the fridge. Succulent gardens have become increasingly popular in the last year. They’re the most easy to care for plant because they require so little care, and let’s face it they’re just cute. While I’d normally recommend just going to Home Depot, they also sell them on Amazon if you’re not exactly in a succulent-filled state 🙂




I’m newly obsessed with pins. They’re quirky and funny and the perfect conversation-starter. There are pins for every possible thing you could be interested in, and some just because. You can find so many on Etsy right now, including this adorable Niffler from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.



What gifts are you giving this year? Have you been dropping not-so-subtle hints about what you want someone else to get you? Guilty!

*images via google, etsy, urban outfitters and amazon

3 thoughts on “Winter Gift Guide

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  1. “The snow is literally falling on WordPress” – yeah, how do u do that? I wld like that for my site!
    Awesome gift guide – maybe I should do 1!
    Audrey Hepburn is a great Mrs. B lookalike and she loves nail polish (I’ll save th Benefit Eye Bright Highlighter for meself 😉 )
    Happy shopping!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea! I remember activating the feature (which lasts all December) last year but I can’t remember how I went about it. If I find out I will tell you. You should definitely do a gift guide! Thanks for the fun comment! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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