Three Christmas Wishes by Sheila Roberts


I got this book to take along on our last trip. I wanted something small because the book I’m currently reading is five hundred-plus pages and hardback. I needed something small enough to fit into a carry-on backpack, since that’s the only luggage we took, and was looking for something a little fun, and Three Christmas Wishes by Sheila Roberts fit the bill.

So we get on the plane and I put my headphones in and crack open the book and here’s the first line:

Riley Erickson’s life was perfect.

Guess there’s no story, huh? As a reader, that’s what I think when I see an opening line like that. I kept reading anyway because I had two hours to fill. Yes, some things did happen to make it clear that by the end of the chapter Riley Erickson’s life wasn’t perfect, but I almost didn’t even read that whole first chapter because of what a turn-off that first sentence was.

But we were on vacation and I just wanted something simple to read during down time, before bed, etc. so I continued reading. We find out that Riley has a best friend and a sister who are just as one-dimensional and unmemorable as she is, and the unoriginal shenanigans and identical-sounding men that they fall for make for a book that was just really not my style at all; the kinds of books that are cranked out at a regular, predictable pace, are just not my kind of books.

If you’re looking for something holiday-y to read, something light and easy, this one might be for you. Maybe it’s just the state of current events that’s making me crave a little more depth in what I’m reading, because I just can’t find it anywhere else. Ouch. At any rate, it was a good book it just wasn’t quite for me.


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