Autumn in San Francisco

Earlier this year we went to San Francisco for the first time ever and fell in love with the city. Since we visited in the spring, we figured why not go in the fall, too? So we did.

We flew out right after Thanksgiving, and after a  less-than-two-hour flight we touched down in our favorite city.

We always take the Bart train from the airport into the city


When we visited in March it was sunny and warm the entire time which we loved, but were also kind of bummed about because we had been looking forward to the blustery rain the city is known for. We sure got our wish this time! It was chilly and rainy and windy last weekend, the exact opposite of our last trip.

Our trip consisted of: riding the trolleys down to the wharf, deciding whether or not to try lobster rolls (nope!) and happening upon that weird old-timey arcade that was featured in The Princess Diaries when it started raining and we were looking for somewhere dry to hang out for a bit. There were fun, cute pinball games and then there were really creepy old school machines. Example: one was called The French Guillotine; where you put in a quarter, the curtains part, and a prisoner gets beheaded. End scene. We were so confused and creeped out. We took advantage of the photo booths though and got some really sweet picture souvenirs.



We also rode the ferry from Fisherman’s Wharf out to Sausalito, and then on to Tiburon which was the cutest town I have ever seen and is now my new favorite city. It was pure happenstance that we ended up in Tiburon. We’d planned to visit Angel Island but the ferry times had us all mixed up and we ultimately weren’t going to be able to make it to Angel Island in time to catch the last ferry back.

So we wandered around Tiburon for a while, had a late lunch at a Mexican restaurant that was surprisingly good (we have high expectations when it comes to Mexican food!) and then rode the last ferry back to the wharf.


Other highlights: our hotel was in the financial district and right next to China town which we got to walk through each morning and every night. We did a little Black Friday shopping in Union Square in the ginormous Westfield Mall, and we had the best deep dish pizza from The Little Star on our last night.

San Francisco, you still have our hearts!


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