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A few weeks ago I did a weeklong series of posts dedicated to indigenous people’s day. I shared about native historical figures, some of my favorite childhood books, and why indigenous peoples’ rights matter so much to me.

So I was pleased to see this post on Literary Hub yesterday.

“For Thanksgiving, Standing Rock, and everything in between.”

Thanksgiving as a holiday gives me such mixed feelings. Right now the Standing Rock Sioux tribe are fighting for their lives, literally, as they struggle to defend their land. Land that is legally theirs. Water protectors are simply standing on their land and asking the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline to be halted because of the irreparable environmental risks and they are being met with the most absurd amount of violence on peaceful, unarmed protesters I have ever seen. And all the world seems to be doing is watching. Or worse, not paying any attention. It is killing me that I can’t do anything to help, that no one else seems to be as outraged by this as I am. It shouldn’t be that it takes this long for attention to be brought to this cause. I could go on about this and I already have so I won’t do it again, but I will say that if the only way you can help is by educating yourself via the books above or by paying close attention to the news, please do it.

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