Bullet Journal Journey Part 3: Conclusion

I’ve kept my bullet journal for about three months now and it’s been an interesting learning experience as I figure out my likes and dislikes when it comes to keeping this type of journal. At the beginning, I loved everything about it. Now towards the end of this little journey, I have to admit I’m not loving it so much anymore.

Bullet Journal Pros:

  • the actual process of designing my own bullet journal was actually really fun; drawing up each month’s calendar and designing each week’s layout while listening to music and/or podcasts was really relaxing
  • incorporating a gratitude list turned out to be a good idea. It was one of the few lists I had that I actually utilized each week
  • I really loved the journal I decided to use, which was from Rifle Paper Co.!

Bullet Journal Cons:

  • I planned my weekly layouts in advance, and so I added in things like workout goals, blog post goals, reading goals, etc. to each week without realizing that I might want to incorporate different goals each week; this left little room or time to make changes, and so a lot of lists went unchecked
  • even though I drew up my calendars according to a real calendar on my phone, I found myself double and triple checking dates to make sure everything was matching up properly; I knew I did them right, but I kept worrying that I’d missed a day somewhere or something
  • I was so motivated in the beginning to have a cool, artsy bullet journal but I ultimately just didn’t have the time to spend on it to make it so; ultimately it was very much a black-and-white-not-on-purpose-bullet journal

There are definite pros and cons to keeping a bullet journal. What I’ve learned here is that I probably will always do best with a planner that is already drawn up, as opposed to trying to create my own. But I simply don’t have the time in my schedule to pour over a bullet journal making it as Instagram-worthy as possible. It’s just not realistic. And if it’s not artsy enough and you can’t take a picture of it, did it even happen? Just kidding.

If you’ve been able to successfully keep a bullet journal, I’m curious: how do you do it? It looks like it’s back to good old-fashioned planners for me 🙂


I’m moving forward with some posts I’d planned for the next couple of months. It by no means should be interpreted as acceptance of last week’s (and ongoing) current events, because it is not. #NotMyPresident is still ringing in my ears, and I hope it’s ringing in yours, too. Because this is not the new normal. Don’t settle, don’t get used to it. The reason most of us can’t wrap our minds around it is because it is wrong. Stay strong.


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