“What Can I Do?”

I know that I said there would be less posts here for a while, but it turns out that sitting and doing nothing was just not going to cut it, especially when there is so much we can do.


Sign this petition on change.org. Hillary Clinton received more votes. It’s that simple. The electoral college systems was built as a fail-safe by our country’s forefathers for events exactly such as what took place on Tuesday. If we can get the electoral college to recognize this, to accept that since she received more votes that she should win, especially considering the dire situation we are now in, it could change everything.

Buy an item from The Outrage, a feminist fashion line that is now donating 100% of their proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Considering the fact that Trump and his running mate have both voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and the fact that a women’s health choices have nothing to do with anyone but her, supporting Planned Parenthood is incredibly important right now. This is the one I’m getting.

Check out Michael Moore’s Morning After list, in which he emphasizes that we cannot continue to say we are “shocked”…we must act now.

Spread positivity: send a thank you card to Hillary Clinton herself (scroll to the bottom to view her p.o. box address)

Educate yourself. Here are 6 books you can read to help understand what regional and cultural shifts have taken place to have allowed this to happen.

If you need a little more support and guidance, here’s how some of the most well-known literary figures are reacting. Their words and inspiring and encouraging, enlightening, everything we need right now.

Sending a hug to anyone who needs it,




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