Stronger Together Pt. 2

My disposition has changed exponentially in the last forty-eight hours. Like most of us, I’ve gone from shock and disbelief to confusion and skepticism, to sadness and fear, to anger and now to determination.

My first wave of feelings were personal. I wanted a woman to be the president and I wanted it to be Hillary Clinton. She is a woman I believe in, a woman who represents this country as a whole, and a woman who has zero interest in personal gain from holding the position as president. She has spent her entire professional career to serving the children and people of this country, and I have no doubt that she can and will always do the same for the country as a whole.

Her opponent is someone I would be afraid to be in the same room alone with.

How are these two an equal comparison? I could go on about the risk of having a reckless and off-the-wall person being in charge, someone who has no political experience in holding an office, has never served in the military, who has changed party affiliations so many times over the last year that it is hard to count…actually Seth Meyers summed it up the best in this video.

But then those feelings made way for an awareness that as bad as I am feeling right now, millions of marginalized people across the country and across the world are feeling it ten times worse. The people who have been targeted by his campaign, the people who are truly fearing for their lives and livelihoods. These are the people we should now be supporting. I’ve tried to show, and will continue to show, that I am here and I stand with everyone.

I am glad to see so many people voicing their opinions on this. I truly believe we can enact a change if we fight fire with fire. I realize that sounds intense and maybe even irrational, but if my fellow friends and family are walking around now fearing for their lives because of the violence his supporters are now engaging in? That fuels the fire in me.

Chances are you have friends and family who are: Muslim, Latino, LGBTQ, black, suffer from disability…these are the people he has insulted, declared war against, vowed to deport, made fun of…and that means that this is personal to you, too, whether you realize it right now or not. This affects all of us. I’d encourage everyone to extend support to friends and family right now, and if you can, find ways to participate in making your voice be heard. This is not the time to stay silent. I would LOVE to just put on my holiday music playlist on Pandora, go get a fun drink at Starbucks and go to lunch, the movies, watch Gilmore Girls, buy some new books…all the things I’d normally do when I’m feeling sick and anxious and scared.

But I’m not going to do that.

We all know what Hillary Clinton’s campaign stood for, and many of us supported it vehemently. We can still do that.

I am not encouraging anyone to accept these results because that would be hypocritical. I firmly believe that something has to change. Hillary Clinton received more votes than her opponent. More people voted for her. Yet he was declared the winner? That my friends, is the problem with the electoral college. If this government cares enough about its reputation and the safety of its people, it will recognize that this is the time to change that. And if they won’t, then maybe we can convince them to consider it.

Again, I’m extending my support to everyone right now, and urging you to do the same.


*I just want to let you know that posts on here may be scarce the next couple of days, weeks,  honestly don’t know how long. My heart is breaking, I am trying to find ways to help others, and even though I had a lot of posts planned for November and December, I simply cannot go back to my former reality. At this time, NaNoWriMo, book reviews, and all of my other regular posts will be put on hold. Thank you for continuing to follow this blog, whoever you are, and I wish you the best right now.

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