5 Great Podcast Episodes

Anyone can recommend a good podcast to subscribe to, but when you’re a new subscriber and you’re dozens (maybe even hundreds) of episodes behind, what you really want to know is what are the best episodes to listen to.

Here are five podcasts I’d recommend, and five episodes worth listening to.


Revisionist History – Episode 8: Blame Game

This podcast can be a little hard to get into if you aren’t interested in each episode’s topic, but we listened to this episode on a recent road trip and it completely blew my mind. Host Malcolm Gladwell explores the public hysteria that arose in 2009 when Toyota had to recall millions of cars due to bad breaks and uncontrollable accelerating. Warning: the first ten minutes contain audio of a 911 call right before a car crash; if you choose to skip it you won’t miss out on the episode in its entirety, but listening to it will give added context to the issue at hand.

Fresh Air – Follow the Dog into a World of Smell

Again, as with #1 this podcast is kind of a hit or a miss unless I’m really into the topic. But of course, if it’s anything to do with animals, especially dogs, I’m there. In this episode, host Terry Gross interviews Alexandra Horowitz, a psychologist who studies dog cognition. Horowitz reveals that all dogs are as expert at smelling as those who are trained to sniff out tumors, for example, and the complexity of their nostrils which operate separate from one another. It sounds dry now that I’m typing this all out, but it wasn’t at all. As a dog lover and dog owner, this episode made me look at my dog in a whole new light.

NPR Politics – Episode: Food Politics

I know not everyone is into politics and therefore will have zero interest whatsoever in this podcast. But this episode in particular was both funny and fascinating. The NPR politics crew discusses the role of food in politics, why politicians have to be wary of eating on camera, and more. There’s nothing controversial here, just a lively discussion. Another good episode: Musicals and Politics.

Stuff You Should Know – How Soda Works

This podcast covers an array of topics that include science, history, medicine, animals, holidays, food, movies and a lot more. In “How Soda Works”, Chuck and Josh explain why that image of soda shops that come to mind when we think of the 50’s is wrong, how soda originated first for medicinal purposes, and how soda shops were well out of style by 50’s. This is a good one for anyone especially if you’re new to the podcast.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Episode 77: Go on an Errand Date, Deal with the Nasty Areas of Your House, and Handling Sentimental Items

The title pretty much sums up what this episode is about. Gretchen Rubin and her sister and co-host Elizabeth Craft talk about going on errand dates with friends or spouses which is actually totally a genius idea, along with some home advice such as dealing with gross areas of your house (like under the kitchen sink) and how to deal with sentimental items you don’t want to get rid of. It all sounds self-explanatory, but their anecdotes and tidbits of advice make it feel like you’re in conversation with two close friends.


If you have podcast episode recommendations, leave them below! 🙂

*images via Google and do not belong to me


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