Bullet Journal Journey: Part Two

*Follow-up to my post Bullet Journal Journey: Part One, featured last month.


Happy October!

As promised, here’s a little update on the progress of my bullet journal journey. My status update of sorts begins here:

What’s working: planning a weekly layout was a good idea in theory but you know what I noticed? I’d been looking at some weekly layout ideas on Pinterest and modeled my own after them; what I noticed right away was that they started the weeks on Sunday’s, not Monday’s. This turned out to be a problem for me personally, so I had to quickly change my weekly layouts to start on Monday and end with Sunday. Who knew? This made a huge difference in my planning, since in my mind the week doesn’t officially begin until Monday.

What isn’t: even though I love the Rifle Paper Co. journal I chose for this, the pages simply aren’t big enough for my kind of brainstorming. I left room on each weekly planning pages for notes, but writing in tiny boxes spread out around my pages was, though artistically pleasing, just not working for me. The desire to create picture-perfect pages and details was infringing on my actual brainstorming and list-making

What I have changed: for September I drew up a month-at-a-glance page in which I listed the each day of the month and left space for appointments, tasks, important events, etc. I decided not to do this for October simply because I didn’t use that page nearly as much as I thought I would. Maybe because if just turned out to be not that busy of a month? If the need arises, I’ll reinstate it for November

Overall, keeping up with the bullet journal has proved slightly more of a task than I anticipated. We’ll see what the next few months in my little experiment bring!



*images via Pinterest

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