Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham

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This was such a good book. Based on Lauren Graham’s personal experiences as an aspiring actress in 1995 in New York, it’s light read with memorable characters, a unique plot, and lots of unexpected twists. I don’t know how much of this is really true and how much is fiction for the sake of the book, but she’s crafted a realistic depiction of a young actresses determined to make her dreams of being on Broadway come true, before her self-imposed three-year deadlines is up, in exactly six months’ time.

Franny Banks is a likeably character that I was rooting for from the very beginning (examples of her personality below). She reminds me of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series in the sense that she is so persistent at making the best of a bad (sometimes very bad) situation that you can’t help but believe she’ll find her way out of it simply because she herself believes it so strongly, too. I don’t know a whole lot about the lives of actors and actresses beyond the fact that for many of them, the start of their careers are full of auditions and rejections before they get their big break. But Franny stays hopeful despite her insecurities, because she knows that she’s meant to be an actress no matter what speedbumps may get in the way of her getting there.

“Over time I’ve realized that commercial characters tend to fall into one of three types, so I’ve gotten it down to three audition uniforms: Upscale Casual (person who works in an office – black blazer in padded shoulders, collared shirt), Mom Casual (person who works at home – denim shirt or plain sweater, khakis), and Slutty (person who dresses slutty). I’m so used to choosing an outfit to play someone else that on my days off, I struggle to get dressed as myself. I keep trying different looks, but I’m not sure what ‘me’ wears yet. A few weeks ago I thought I’d found it: I’m bohemian, that’s it. I wear hippie skirts and hand-embroidered cloth shirts. I’m colorful but laid back.”

 “I must not seek approval from absolutely everyone, anyone really. Actresses should be poised and confident, like Meryl Streep or Diane Keaton. I should be more original and unique, like they are. I’ll take to wearing men’s ties! The woman behind the glass who sells the subway tokens eyes me warily. I’ve been known to pay my $1.25 in small change, sometimes in the very smallest. It’s not a proud moment when I’m holding up the line while she counts my pennies, but some days it’s come to that. Today, though, I have actual paper money. We share a nod, like things might be looking up for both of us.”

This book is a good one to read if you’re like me and you can’t just go to sleep at night, you need to have some kind of reading material to read for a while before you can sleep. There are plenty of books that are not before-bed-books, the most recent example I can think of was The Cuckoo’s Calling which I could never read before bed because of the intense plot and details which really deserved more than my sleepy state of mind. But Someday, Someday Maybe is a good one for this and a good read in general, and it got me very excited for Graham’s next book, a memoir, which comes out next November!

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